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Church Planting Dream

His Kingdom come, His will be done here as it is in heaven. --Matthew 6:10


There are about 6+ Million people who live in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, most who stand apart from King Jesus' transforming mercy and grace.

Our Dream

  • A culture of transformational multiplying discipleship that leads to a culture of church multiplication. It is just who we are and what we do.

  • Local churches taking responsibility for the communities and cities around them, planting multiplying churches. (Theological Conviction - th heart of Jesus/Geographic Responsibility)

  • Strategically seeing the multi-ethnic, and ethnic next-generation churches planted.

  • God raising up a generation of emerging leaders who are about "His kingdom come" across our landscape.

  • Kingdom Partnership with like-minded groups that is about reaching 6+ Million.

  • An Acts 1:8 movement that seeks multiplying impact in their own neighborhoods that reaches to the nations.

Our Prayer

Jesus, show us where you are already at work and show us how we can join you.

Lord of the harvest, raise up workers for the harvest. --Luke 10:2

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